Meet the team


Angela Johnson

Owner of Glam Studios, Main Photographer and editor.

Social Media & marketing extraordinaire

pre and post sales Consultant.

Talents include: making awesome balloon garlands for the smash sessions, curling your hair if needed, and designing all of the pretty printed materials you can ever have!


Alexis Teachout-Nickles

main editor


social media & marketing extraordinaire

designer of all pretty printed materials

talents include: designing gorgeous albums, and making everyone look like a million bucks!

on staff since 2018


Gracie Salazar

photographer & Videographer

studio assistant

sales assistant

creative extraordinaire

everyone's personal cheerleader

talents include: Creating and designing sets, editing unforgettable media & literally making you feel like you are having the best time!

on staff since 2019

If these words describe you... come work with us!

Flexible, on time, detail-oriented, organized, knowledgeable