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Building the NEW STUDIO!! YAY

July 18, 2018

OMG! I can't believe I'm actually writing this post!

After selling our home, moving temporarily to an apartment while building a brand new home with a really large backyard, we are finally at the point that TC Remodel will start building the so very dreamed natural light photography studio. The new studio is going to be about 1000 sqft big and will feature one of the biggest glass walls I've ever seen. 


Some of my fave studio features:

- There is an office area, studio area and storage on the second floor! Believe me, I do NEED storage!!!!!! 

-the entire space will be WHITE and bright! We are considering adding glitter to the epoxy floors just to add an extra touch of glam!

-There will be an awesome snack area with coffee, treats and beverages.

-There will be a TV so that dads can watch their football games while they wait for their baby session to be over!!! 

-the bathroom serves as a dressing room, breastfeeding room and the sink will be big enough for babies to take a bath in after their cake smash session. YAY!

-There will be a natural light make up station for make up artists that will be hosted in the studio if needed by the clients.


Check out the pictures below!!! The studio should be done in about 2-3 months!!! I'll post updates as the construction advances!


Check out the pictures below!!!






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Building the NEW STUDIO!! YAY

July 18, 2018

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