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The Golden Hour

May 30, 2018



You know those photos that look like snapshots of a memory rather than an actual person or place?

The ones that seem to glow, and everything seems rimmed with a halo of light?

The ones with stunning flares of light that look like the subject’s soul is exploding out?

Dust clouds that look like magic suspended in air?!



Well, most of the time that wasn’t just coincidence – those photos were taken during what is  commonly known as the golden hour!




"Hour" is figurative here. It refers to a period of time just after sunrise, or sunset. And it's length really depends where you live, and what season you are in. Other hours of the day are not always optimal times for photographing, and sessions should try to be scheduled as close as possible to sunrise or sunset. 







Information obtained from https://www.digitaltrends.com/photography/what-is-golden-hour/4/

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Building the NEW STUDIO!! YAY

July 18, 2018

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