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I'm Engaged! Now What?!

May 23, 2018

You just got engaged, called your parents, and posted pictures all over your social media accounts!





1. Buy a Wedding Binder

I know what you're probably thinking. "Why do I need a wedding binder? I remember everything!" Trust me when I say the wedding planning process is stressful and can get overwhelming! One of the great things about having a wedding binder is that there is a timeline on when things should get done. It also has questions to ask your wedding vendors as well as a place to store all your contracts and receipts! I also recommend using your planner to write down appointment times, due dates, days you made a payment and how much, etc.


2. Establish a Bridal Party

Make a list of who you want in your wedding! Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, Flower Girls, Ring Bearers, etc! Pick who you want and ask them! You want to make sure they put the date on their calendar and are able to afford their outfits!


3. Draft Guest List

Yes I know, you just got engaged! But you should already be thinking of a venue, and to do that you need to know approximately how many people you will be inviting. The ABC list system should make that super easy!


A- These are the people you absolutely want to invite. Immediate family, bridal party, and best friends.

B- These are people you would like to invite. Distant relatives and good friends. This will most likely be the                majority of the guest list.

C-  These are your coworkers, people you haven't seen since high school, people like that.


This is the best way to figure out who you're inviting and what size venue you will need. And of course not everyone will be able to make the wedding, so feel free to invite some extras!


4. Set a Budget

First off- now that you've decided on approximately how many people you will invite, you're able to decide on a venue you love and look at that cost. This will likely be your biggest expense. They decide on a caterer and your photography package. Then factor in any family help you may have. And Voilà, you have your budget! My advice is to make a spreadsheet to help stay on track. 


5. Pick a Tentative Date (Or Season)

Notice I said "Tentative?" PLEASE do not go into your venue tour with your heart set on a specific date. The likelihood that it will be available is low. It is best to choose a season you love, then a month . That way you keep your options open and are able to pick a day from dates available.



Vendors fill up quick! Especially venues! 

The first things you need to book are:







7. Brainstorm

By now you probably have screenshots galore on your phone and pinterest overload! But that's the best part! Pick a color scheme, decoration ideas, and so on! And slowly starting making your dream wedding come to life!


8. Make a Dress Appointment

I'm sure you have already thought about this piece of the puzzle! After all it is what you've dreamed about! This is extremly important because it can take up ti SIX WEEKS for your gown to be ordered in, then add alteration time to that. You don't want to cut it close!


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