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May 15, 2018

 B a b y  B l i s s



When should you schedule your newborn session? You can schedule your newborn shoot up to 6 months in advance! Or if you prefer, you can contact me right away to know of any specials and promotions!


If your precious baby decides to make their appearance before or after the scheduled photo shoot date, there is no need to worry, we suggest that the baby is between 7 and 17 days old.


Packing List for the Shoot                    


-Milk (Breast or Bottle) --If using a bottle, please bring 1-2 extra feedings than you would expect.

 -Parent Change of Clothes!!!

Your photo shoot outfit will likely be soiled and you won't want to wear it home. There is a                   bathroom at the studio for you to get changed or do makeup.

-Pacifier (This is a MUST  even if the baby isn't currently taking a pacifier)





One Hour Before your Session!!!! YAY! It is time!!


1. Bathe your baby


-The purpose of the bath is not just to have a clean baby, but to ensure they have that soft fuzzy hair and get really tired before the shoot, so they sleep like angels during their session!


2. Feed your baby


 -Give the baby a FULL feeding right before getting into the car. This is not a "snack" feeding. Do             everything you can to keep baby awake during this feeding. Tickle their feet, change their diaper, just     try to keep them awake so they eat as much as they can. A full tummy equals a sleepy and content         baby.


3. Naked baby


 -After their feeding, I prefer the baby be in just a diaper. Depending on the weather, load baby into       

the car seat in just their diaper and tuck them in with a blanket. Absolutely no clothing that needs        to be pulled over the head, tight socks, etc. Secure their diaper very loosely and line the car                  seat with a burp rag to protect against leaks.  During the session your baby will be photographed in      the nude- and of course they cannot control their bodily functions. 

Everything I use is completely washable, so please do not worry about accidents! 


4. Drive to the studio

-The drive will put your baby into a deep sleep. Cover the car seat when you get out of the car so the      light doesn't startle them. If you live too close, drive around the block for about 5 more. minutes to give baby time to sleep!


I will be the main handler/soother of the baby. If I am unable to calm him/her down, then I will have you take over for a bit and try feeding them.


FAMILY can take photos too!!! 


If you would like pictures with the baby, wear something simple. I suggest black or white. I HIGHLY recommend makeup with a makeup artist.

Siblings are welcome to come 30 minutes before the end of the session so they don't get impatient and wake the baby up. Believe me, it has happened before.


I do have WiFi available for you at the studio for you to enjoy. I also have a make up station and several make up artists that would love to do your make up!!




The Equation for Success.....


Bath + Full Feeding + Car Ride to Studio = Baby Bliss


Please contact me at info.angelajohnsonphotography@gmail.com

to inquiry about newborn sessions! 



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